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In the development of internal combustion engines, one is confronted with a multitude of complex and conflicting requirements. Also by increasingly stringent requirements imposed by the legislature regarding the compliance of consumption, exhaust and noise emissions. From the customer's point of view is due to the rising price of fossil fuels, getting a lower consumption remained high horsepower mostly buying decision.

To meet the requirements, taking the complexity of engines and associated electronics have increasingly been logic skills in an Otto engine with homogeneous combustion process for more 20 years, the injection timing and ignition timing served as adjustable parameter, has for some time by many new functions have been added, such as intake manifold adjustment, also called Valvetronic valve lift and valve inlet and outlet side of the spreads.

In an engine project is developed to any new components parallel with suppliers from all over the world. The most important component for the engine operation is the so-called motor control and DME (Digital Motor Electronics) called, which covers a large Einsatzberreich, whether in cars, trucks and industrial machinery. With your control and monitoring functions are performed. With special programs such as Matlab / Asced the necessary functions, loops and program structures are defined and implemented. The technician can now parameterize the finished functions (PID, maps, etc.) and then implement the desired functionality engine.

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