Display Development

With years of expertise of the product and hardware development, we realize professional OEM modules for industrial automation, measurement and control technology. Our focus is on demanding embedded systems, gateways, protocol converters and measurement displays.

Extensive qualifications and experience of the hardware development we have in the circuit design, analog instrumentation, sensors, software development and embedded programming in assembler and C / C ++.
We have a long experience of the hardware development of embedded and automotive sector.


Contact Us

Olschewskibogen 8
80935 München

Tel.:  +49 (089) 96 16 53 00
Fax.: +49 (089) 96 16 53 06


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Which car would you like to have AWRON displays?

Audi RS - 33.3%
VW Golf GTI - 49.1%
VW Passat - 8.8%

Total votes: 57
The voting for this poll has ended